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At Miku, we make it easier for parents to monitor and understand your child’s health and wellness. With this new update, we made it even easier. Here’s what’s new:


Updated Design & Layout

Analytics has a fresh new scrolling design for easy viewing. See night and day summaries of your little one in a whole new light in an easy-to-read layout and larger timeline bar. Within each timeline bar, you can now tap segments to see the precise time and state at any moment throughout the day or night. As you scroll down, see your “Daily Snapshot”, which is a concise summary of the room environment for the day.


New “Away” State (Miku Pro Users Only)

When baby is out of the crib, the Monitoring screen will now indicate that the baby is “Away”. On the Analytics screen, this “Away” time will be shown on the bar graphs of the Daily and Nightly Summaries along with Movement, Sleep, and No Movement, so you can get a more complete picture of your baby’s day and night sleep routines.


New Light Graphs (Miku Pro Users Only)


With the new Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor’s ability to record the amount of light within the nursery from total darkness to 100% light, you gain a greater understanding of how light affects your infant’s slumber. Now on the app, you can see these levels on an easy-to-read graph. To view this information, visit the Analytics tab, scroll down to “Daily Snapshot”, and tap “Nursery Trends”. This will bring you to the nursery environment metrics. Tap on “Light Levels” to see a complete picture of the light level in your little one’s nursery environment.


With these three updates, it’s now easier than ever to stay in the know about your little one and their health & wellness. To get these new updates, get the newest version of the Miku monitor app on the Apple or Android app stores.


Have a question? Most questions can be answered on our support page at support.mikucare.com!

Analytics Update: New Design, “Away” State, and Light Level Graph

Analytics Update: New Design, “Away” State, and Light Level Graph