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Wellness Monitoring for a Healthy Start

Membership gives you access to all of Miku’s advanced features, above and beyond just audio and video monitoring

Watch Video play video activate membership Requires Miku Device. Subscriptions are per device.

Understand your child through every milestone

Developed with leading Mikucare pediatric experts, the Care+ add-on uses trend graphs and trend notifications to help you stay aware of changes in your child’s unique sleep and breathing patterns. With a better understanding of the factors that impact your child’s sleep and wellness, you can adjust daily habits and nightly routines or discuss any inconsistencies with your provider.

Membership Features

All features included in Miku Membership for $9.99/mo
check icon Trend Notification: Membership notifies you when there are important changes to your child's health trends
check iconBreathing & Sleep Trends
check iconExpert Age-Related Articles
check iconDaily Tracker: Height & Weight, Temperature Readings, Feedings, Diaper Changes
check iconHD Video & Two-Way Talk
check iconWearable-Free, Real-Time Breathing & Sleep Tracking
check iconReal-Time Alerts
check iconDaily Sleep Metrics
check iconDaily Breathing Metrics
check iconDaily Room Environment Metrics
check icon3-Days of Activity Video Storage (30-Days, 1-Year and Unlimited options are available for an additional cost.)

Our Wellness Toolbox

Trend Notifications

Trend Notifications

Get notified when there are important changes to your child's health trends.

Breathing and Sleep Trends

Breathing & Sleep Trends

Easily view your child’s breathing & sleep trends and any changes in their patterns over time

Daily Tracker

Daily Tracker

Easily track height, weight, feedings, diaper changes, and temperature readings

Daily Tracker

Extended Video Storage

With Miku Membership, choose from 3-Day, 30-Day, 1-yr or Unlimited Activity Video storage

Extended Video Storage

Weekly Articles

Sleep and development articles by pediatricians and sleep experts, specific to your baby’s age.

* Miku products and services are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any illness or condition. The types of notifications you receive may depend in part on your device and account settings.

The Brightest Mind in Monitoring™


The Wisdom Behind The Wellness

Dr. Jacq

Jacqueline Winkelmann, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Miku

Leading Pediatrician
Former Chief of Staff

Dr. Nakra

Neal Nakra, MD
Medical Advisor, Miku

Leading Pediatrician
Pediatric Pulmonologist CHOC

Note: Care+ and the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat illness or condition. Consult a healthcare professional if you have questions about your child’s health. Device placement and nearby people, pets or noises can cause inaccurate readings.