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Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Miku Smart Baby Monitor

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Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Customer Reviews

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Lindsay B.

Loving Miku

The miku has been great and provided major comfort for my new born baby. It’s packaged nicely, easy to set up, and using the miku app has been great. As parents, knowing that the baby is sleeping comfortably allows us to sleep comfortably. Definitely would recommend the Miku!

Gunel M.

Such peace of mind!!

Our Miku gives us such peace of mind. As new time parents it has been an absolute life saver. We love that Miku tracks our baby's breathing and the sleep sounds are a great bonus.

Sabina S.

A Magical Experience!

So far we are off to a great start. We haven't had this camera for long so I will definitely be back to update the review as we use it more but so far things are great. Let's start with packaging. The level of thought put into packaging and design already tells you that you are about to embark upon an amazing experience. The package includes absolutely everything you need to install the device. And by everything i mean EVERYTHING! Measuring tape, leveler, legitimate high quality screw driver and plastic covers to hide the cord. Instructions for installation were very clear and we were able to set it up in no time. Then comes installing the app, registering for an account and connecting your camera. Again fairly simple operation. I love the user experience on Apple devices. They also have instructional videos along the steps which make things much easier. And now comes the magical part. This thing actually works!!! There is nothing hooked onto my baby, she is lying there peacefully, free of any cables or anything that's attached to her and I can actually see her live breathing activity on my phone. (I am sooo tempted to get into the crib myself and see my own breathing activity right now...!!!) You can also look at the stats, movement history, track the temperature and humidity, play sounds and music which can calm the baby down and improve sleep time. It also supports two way audio so you can talk to the baby. There is nothing like seeing your baby waking up and responding "Look who woke up. I will be right there honey". :) Not that she will understand or anything but she will definitely react to your voice. Also one last thing to note in terms of pricing, this camera is definitely on the high end price range and there are much cheaper good quality cameras but peace of mind you get with live breathing activity worth every penny. Plus you can always cast your phone to a TV or other devices if you would like to take things to a different level :)

Brittany D.

Great so far

Flawless device, simple setup, very user friendly, great quality camera. Have yet to find an issue with this device. Gives the parents peace of mind knowing vital information at the tips of your fingers. Well worth the cost of this product.

Nick C.

The Miku Monitor Has Exceeded My Expectation

Miku is hands down the best. From the beautiful packaging, sleek design, easy set up to the amazing features, clear picture, ease of use and peace of mind, this baby monitor has exceeded my every expectation. From the moment you open the box, everything about Miku is a dream. I love the sleek design and how nice it looks in my baby’s nursery. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Half of the battle is finding the right tools for set up, but not with Miku! Everything you need is included and installation took 8 minutes! As a first time mom, I wanted the best monitor to offer peace of mind to the scary transition of our baby from the bassinet next to our bed to the big room across the hall. This is everything and more. I love that there is nothing to put on the baby to monitor the breathing and sleep patterns. I love that it tracks the condition/temperature of the room. I was worried that I would not hear the alarm if no movement was detected but when I took the baby out of the crib for a diaper change and forgot about the monitor, I now know that is no longer a concern. I went from sleeping with my glasses on sneaking a peek at my baby’s breathing in the bassinet many times a night to a much more restful night allowing Miku to do the monitoring for me. I cannot wait to recommend this to any parents looking for a top of the line monitor.

Dayna S.

So many things to love!

So impressed with our Miku Baby Monitor! Easy set up & non reachable when your baby gets older. I love seeing the sleeping patterns, how it measures the baby’s breathing which makes me sleep easier & I have access to this device right from my phone. They literally thought of everything! It’s so worth it! Get this, it will make your life easier with a child & much less worried!

Miranda D.

I love this baby monitor!

I am not tech savvy at all— so I questioned whether this was a necessity or not, and let me say that it most definitely is. The Miku monitor was delivered quickly and came in a sleek and organized package. The instructions were easy to follow and it came with everything needed to set up. My husband had it ready to go in 15 min! I am able to rest easy at night knowing there is a set of eyes on my baby at all times. I doubted that it would work since my babies have all been wrapped in swaddles for bed at young ages, but the breathing tool has been very accurate, even with them all tucked in. I love that I can be outside or literally anywhere and open the app to check on baby. The sound effects are an added bonus, and one less “device” to buy. I had a few questions and customer service messaged me back promptly. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Tara A.

Great Monitor!

We have had a great experience with our Miku!  Super easy to set-up and comes with everything you need for installation.  We really like the temperature function as it is hard to keep temperatures consistent in our rooms – so nice to know what’s happening in the baby’s room without having to go in there and risk waking him up. The live breathing is a pretty amazing feature too – provides such peace of mind, especially for us FTMs!  We have used the Miku both at home and on vacations.  It has worked great in both settings.  I would definitely recommend the product.  We have tried a number of baby monitors and they either didn’t work or lacked the functionality that the Miku offers.

Brian D.

Impressive from the start!

We were very impressed with our Miku right out of the box! The delivery arrived very quickly and the monitor was meticulously packaged with everything needed to install including a wall mount with a built in level and a screw driver.  They truly thought of everything with the packaging.  The setup of our Miku was very easy.  Within a few minutes we were able to download the app, plug in the monitor and connect to our home network.  The directions were very straight forward and user friendly which made it easy to have our Miku up and running in no time.   I especially love the fact that I can use my phone as a monitor to keep an eye on my daughter from anywhere.  No more searching for the monitor cord to charge a monitor or trying to position the screen just right to stay within a range.  Even if I have to step out of the house while my wife is home with the kids, I can check in on my daughter quickly and easily.  This is truly a game changer!

Erica H.

Wish I had a Miku for my first!

I have 3 young children (aged 4, 2 and 4 months) and I so wish Miku had been around when my first daughter was born! The peace of mind I get from this monitor is seriously priceless. It monitors my baby's breathing and movement as well as the temperature, humidity, etc in the room. It is so nice to know that an alarm will sound if something isn't right so I'm not staring at the monitor all night. It is super easy to set up and use and the app has been great so far (see pic). I don't normally leave reviews but I am so impressed with this product and highly recommend it to anyone.

Todd N.

Overall Great Product

First off I would like to say that this is a really well built and quality product. I would say that it definitely has a premium quality to the build of the camera and even the box it came in was awesome and is a shame that the box is just sitting in the closet now. Set up was very easy however it did take some time to measure everything out so that it is the right height over the crib and centered. The Miku came with all the tools required for installation. There are cable covers that snap together and cover the cable running down the wall so everything looks clean and it keeps baby safe from grabbing it. The installation took about 15-20 minutes and maybe another 5 to get the app set up. The app has a nice clean interface and works well. One nice feature is that if you close the app the sound continues to play in the background so you can do other things on the phone or turn the screen off and just use it for listening to baby. The breathing sensor works great and lets me know if my child is sleeping heavily or is restless. I was a little skeptical before using it to see how accurate it was but it is really cool seeing my child’s chest raise and lower in sync with what the monitor is telling me. If privacy is a concern it is nice knowing that the app and camera are encrypted so it is very safe and private. Its nice seeing that a company is making things private in a very open world. You can share the camera with more than one person so that multiple phones can view the camera. I would definitely recommend this camera due to the quality of it and that it has an accurate breathing sensor.

Rachel M.

Recommend Miku

From start to finish the Miku is very easy and simple to set up and to control. The packaging that the Miku comes in is very impressive and shows how much work was put into the product itself. Picture quality has been terrific, and we love the two way audio! My boyfriend and I really enjoy that if one of us is not home we can go onto the app and see how our little man is doing! We love all the different ways that the Miku tracks the vitals, from breathing to sleep patterns, to temperature and humidity, we really do have a peace of mind knowing that it’s tracking our baby’s movement.  The only thing I would change about the Miku is to have the option of viewing it from a separate device other than our phones. Using the phone is convenient, but it would be nice to have something else so we didn’t always have to have our phones on.  Other than that, both my boyfriend and I highly recommend the Miku!

Lisa M.

Beyond Impressed

We recently started using the Miku and I have been beyond impressed with it. Miku did not cut any corners when designing this product, all the way to the packaging. I previously used other baby monitoring devices and the Miku is by far my top choice. With Miku, there are no cords that need to be attached to the baby, no pads that need to be perfectly placed, and no bootie that you need to wake your baby to apply. Simply turn it on and allow the Miku to do the work. I like that it’s everything I am looking for in one product. I now sleep better knowing that this high quality product is monitoring my infant. Living in a region where the weather is variable, it’s also nice to be able to know the temperature and humidity in the baby’s room. This product also allows you to monitor how well your baby is sleeping and tracks the hours of sleep during the night. I highly recommend this product!

Jordan T.

Satisfied is an understatement

Don’t let the price tag scare you, this product legitimately functions as several devices in one sleek unobtrusive package. Your phone is your monitor and it stays active even as you take in that precious half an hour of scrolling Instagram after baby-boo is asleep.  It monitors baby’s breathing via the video feed which itself is incredible.  Our hesitation with other monitors was the fact that as a wearable, it’s not recommended by the APA and we’ve heard a gamut of horror stories from friends of false alarms that get you screeching out of bed with a heart attack to find baby right as rain.  With Miku we don’t have to worry about any of that.  Miku records each movement with a timestamp so I can go back and see a video clip of every move without any monitoring or app download fee.  Also being able to check on the hugely fluctuating temperature and humidity is a great benefit for us.  My husband is a tech geek so he thinks Miku is the coolest, but for me, who just wants to check on baby the app is incredibly simple to use with awesome picture quality and night vision. 10/10 would buy again.

Jamie B.

Miku is a must-have

Miku has covered all of the bases. The experience begins the moment you open the package. It is clear that everything about Miku is well thought out and intentional. The beautiful, sleek monitor fits in with any nursery decor. The instructions are clear, concise, easy to follow and can be completed in minutes and everything you need can be found in the box. The app is intuitive and offers so much more than just keeping an eye on your baby. Miku takes the fear out of the transition of baby from bassinet by your side to the big crib that feels a million miles away. Miku is a must-have.

Donielle M.

We’re so thrilled with this new monitor

We've had the Miku for a little while now and we are thrilled with it. The picture quality is great, the app is easy to use and installation is a breeze. As an added bonus, I travel for work, so getting to check in on our little one without being a bother has been great. We have already recommended this to several friends who are expecting!

Kristen N.


Our experience with Miku has been phenomenal since the start – from the quick, easy setup to our daily use of the thoughtful, user-friendly features and interface. The ability to see and hear our daughter clearly, track her breathing and sleep patterns and not worry about wires or wearables is so comforting as new parents. We absolutely love this monitor!

Andrew F.

Worth every penny

The Miku baby monitor is, by far, our favorite purchase for our newborn! It's super easy to use and gives us peace of mind being able to watch our baby sleep and breathe in real time.  The app is awesome. It's fun to use the two-way speakers to talk to her when we're not in her room. I'm so happy we decided to purchase it! Worth every penny!

Matt D.

Incredible Technology

The WiFi setup process was seamless, the video is clear and connects right away, and I can check in even when I'm at work during the day for naps. By far though, the breathing detection is the most impressive part. I was skeptical at first, but it really works! It's able to track even when my daughter is sleeping on her side or stomach. Highly recommended.

Katie W.

Top quality monitor!

Wonderful product! Received the product on time, in wonderful condition. I had a question about when it would arrive and customer service got back to me right away. We are very happy with this high quality monitor and would recommend!