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Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Miku Smart Baby Monitor

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Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Customer Reviews

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Ashley P.
United States United States

Super convenient!

We love the Miku Smart Baby Monitor! It is so convenient to be able to view from my phone. The breathing monitor also puts me at ease knowing that our baby is sleeping safely.

Caitlin W.

Completely worth the investment in my opinion!

This monitor is unreal! As a former Motorola baby monitor owner, this device is hands down light years ahead of any baby monitor out there. Our previous monitor was working well up for about a year with our daughter, until a few months ago - the video monitor would no longer connect to the camera (even though we were only about 25 feet away from our daughter's room and crib), and the app that paired with the camera would consistently crash throughout the night, causing a lot of anxiety. I tried working with the support team but they could not figure out a proper solution. Insert our lifesaver - the Miku Smart Baby Monitor. First of all, the packaging is absolutely amazing. Super sleek, easy-to-identify boxes labeled for your convenience, and everything you need to get set up is included in the box (except for a pencil). Set up was very simple and took about 20 minutes, followed by getting the monitor set up on my WiFi and Android app paired, which then updated the firmware immediately (this took about an hour). We've now had this monitor up and running for a week, and couldn't be happier with the outcome. Alerts can be set up when the baby is or is not active - I personally have those turned off as our little human moves quite a bit throughout the night, but it will also track your baby's breathing, along with accurate temperature readings with humidity levels as well. These are all things that no other baby monitor combined can provide, especially not without adding something you have to attach to your baby. I love having the ability to pull up the camera on my phone from wherever, but the only thing I will say is make sure your battery is fully charged or you have a charger available - it takes quite a bit of juice to run. I've only experienced one night when the app crashed, but I typically get up at least once a night and always check the monitor during that time, so not a concern to me. Otherwise, the app will consistently try to connect to the camera as long as your WiFi connection is strong. We do have a WiFi extender up on our top floor where the bedrooms are located as our modem and router are in the basement, which I think definitely helps with the signal. Overall I would highly recommend this baby monitor to anyone who is doing research and has questions on what monitor to buy. Completely worth the investment in my opinion!

Brooke R.

LOVE our miku!

I’m a BIG fan of this monitor. We’ve tried so many before and had so many sleepless nights. I finally feel like I can relax a little! We keep the live audio on all night long and play sleep sounds for her. I’ll definitely be recommending miku!!

Stephanie E.

Amazing and totally worth it!!!

Love Love Love our Miku! The packaging was so organized and pretty, everything was easy to read, and put together which was nice for me doing it by myself. Camera is great love seeing baby on my phone for easy access. The breathing feature is super cool. Worth every penny!!!

Debbie S.

You get what you pay for!

We ordered the Miku Smart Baby Monitor. To start, the customer service was great. They took care of us and made sure we had all the information and everything we needed to make our purchase. When we received the monitor it was very well packaged. Everything has it's own compartment in the box and is labeled separately. They provide everything you need to mount it to the wall, which is very convenient. Once open and mounted on the wall, we had to download the MIKU app, which is super easy. Once you download the app the monitor will update itself. When it is done it will pop up on the screen and you are ready to observe on the monitor. I like the fact that it has movement alerts. The sound and video quality is excellent. Overall we are very happy with our purchase, and would recommend it to anyone looking to get what they pay for.

Lauren C.

Peace of Mind for New Moms!

I can’t tell you how much I love this monitor. Like most people I started out with a cheap 2-way monitor. I was used to settling for terrible picture quality and connectivity. That is not the case with the Miku. Not only are the picture, video log and playback mode clear, but I can also see the baby through the app on my phone when I am at work or even away on business. My favorite part however is that I can rest easy knowing that Miku is monitoring the breathing. I think all parents of babies worry about this, but now I don’t have to because I know the Miku will detect any changes in breathing and send an alert if there is no movement. Another great feature is the temperature/humidity monitoring. For some reason, the baby’s room doesn’t seem to be the same temperature as the rest of the house and I therefore worry if it’s too hot or too cold, but now I don’t have to guess because I can easily see the temperature reading on the app. Finally, I love that I don’t have to pay a subscription service even though I am getting real-time monitoring!

Leigh W.

Worth the money

First off the packaging is fantastic. Parts are clearly labeled and the package design is very well thought out. For the most part installation was a breeze. Although you have all the tools you need in the box, I did find a level, stud finder and drill were a big help. The only knock on the entire product is against the drywall anchors they provide. They were cheap, we have pretty thick drywall in our house and we stripped three anchors before we got them in flush. If you have thick or multiple layers or drywall you will want to drill out the holes before setting the anchors. Otherwise installation was easy and quick. Setting up the camera on WiFi and linking to the app were super simple and only took couple steps. The system updated firmware on the first startup and has been running great. The camera and sound quality are second to none! We have another monitor in the same room and the quality isn't even close. If you are an image nerd like me, you will love this camera! The analytics work great and allows us the comfort to sleep just as well as our daughter. This system is worth the money!

Joe M.


After purchasing a competing dual-camera baby monitor 3 years ago, our expectations were extremely low for any similar device. We decided to skip the wasteful baby-spending, until two nights before our second son was born when we realized we needed another one. We ordered the Miku Smart Monitor and it was delivered the next day. The quality of the packaging set the stage for a gorgeous camera that streams HD night-vision to our phones and tablet. The temperature & humidity data that this camera provides has proven to be helpful – as our son’s room is on the third floor of our townhouse and our office is on the first where monitoring the temp is important and will be in the winter when our heat is blaring. Keep in mind that all this data is encrypted. This is an excellent device! Miku delivered.

Meghan C.

Love This Purchase!

I am very happy with our Miku monitor! The packaging of the product is beautiful! Everything you need to install the camera is included. Which is awesome! We had a little trouble setting up the camera due to some connection issues but once we did the update it went smoothly. The music/sound selections are great and the quality of the sound is very clear. The picture quality is also very clear even at night. I love the breathing feature and this really gives me and my husband piece of mind when she is sleeping in her crib away from us.

Ryan A

True Peace of Mind

The Miku Monitor is everything we hoped for and more. It is true peace of mind and the technology is pretty remarkable. We know that whenever we put our son down for a nap or to sleep for the night that he is totally safe. We are able to track his breathing and if he is russling around at night we are able to see him crystal clear if he needs anything from us or if he is just repositioning himself while he sleeps. It also helps us to make sure the temperature in his room is just right; not too warm and not too cold. We had looked at other devices and the fact that you don't have to use "wearable tech" and there is no subscription fee associated with it is a plus in my book. The app is user friendly and a convenient way to check in on him. The notifications are sent directly to my phone so that if anything happens me and my wife are informed. The features are second to none and can be used from infancy until your child is more independent. I would highly recommend this product to both new parents and experienced parents and a must have in my opinion.

Leah L.

Love Our Miku!

We are beyond impressed with Miku! Before Miku, we struggled to find a baby monitor that met our needs. Miku has completely exceeded our expectations in every way. We love the sleek design of the camera (especially the hidden cords), the seamless connection to our WiFi network, the user friendly app, but, above all, the revolutionary technology that allows us to monitor our baby based on a number of metrics at any time, from anywhere.

Samuel K.
United States United States

Overall great experience

Customer support team is very responsive, camera is very quick and has great quality. I wish there were more functions to the camera as alerts when the baby makes noises, is picked up or visited, and automated shut off for the alarms. That way I don’t have my phone going off if I don’t push the power button each time I pick up baby.

Maria S.


This device is so sleek. It’s looks good my home and was not difficult to install. I am was impressed by this product from the moment I opened the box. Best feature is that it tracks my baby’s breathing and sleeping patterns without having physically put anything on my child. I love that both my husband and I can have access to view from our phones without having to be in close range. I will definitely feel safe having my baby in another room. Such a game changer for parents.

Rocio T.

100 % Recommended!

You will be in awe from the moment you receive it to the moment you start using it. I got a Miku as a gift for my sister – first time mom. This monitor has absolutely changed her life, having to get up less throughout the night has been a plus for her. It has not only helped her but it has really made it much easier to babysit. Its features are probably the best I’ve been out there and it is extremely easy to use. I have got to say that the live breathing and white noise features are among my favorite. Recommend Miku 100% !


The extras make the difference!

The installation was a breeze as well as the app set-up. A great looking camera that gives you piece of mind while your baby is sleeping. The temp & humidity reading, vital tracking, and motion sensing has been great!

Leslie P.


As a first time mom, i'm always looking for new products that help make my life easier and that give me peace of mind when it comes to my baby as this experience is very new to me. I have bought many products in the past that I automatically regret as soon as I receive them or are way too complicated to use and I just give up on them. But I can't say the same about this monitor! I absolutely Love my MIKU !! The quality is amazing and they absolutely thought of everything from the packaging to the monitor itself. This package includes all tools and hardware needed as well as easy to read instructions that make installation a piece of cake. Once my MIKU was installed it was really easy to navigate the app. Another thing that I really liked is that I posted a video on my instagram story tagging MIKU and I received a DM right away saying that if I needed anything or had any questions they would be happy to help, great customer service!

Tamera W.

A Must-Have

I recently purchased a Miku baby monitor. And for any new mom this is the item to have. So many nerves come with the new task and Miku helps put that concern at ease. You will already lose sleep naturally but losing sleep over worrying when your child is asleep adds to the stress. Miku takes that stress away. I have lost a family member to SIDS and it has always been a concern of mine.  I feel relieved with this product and I’m so happy to have found something like this.  I can finally take that deep breath I need and relax. Thank you for such an innovative product.

Kristyn O.

Love Miku

My baby is my pride and joy and I want him to be looked after and protected like none other. That is why the Miku baby smart monitor has been the most important purchase for my family. Its smart tech capabilities give my husband and I peace of mind, especially with our baby being a preemie. First of all, the look of the camera is so sleek and clean. It’s not a big and bulky device and it easily installs right on the wall. It simple to install. Second, it is easy to use and having the ability to view your baby via app makes such a huge difference. We no longer have to rely on sound only to know that our baby is ok. We sleep better at night knowing we can track our baby’s breathing, sound and sleep patterns. I am completely satisfied with this purchase and will stick with Miku for all of my children.

Diana P.

Finally got to try out my Miku!

I must say this is the most amazing design for a baby monitor. The packaging first of all was so well executed that I just didn't want to take it apart. I’ve taken some time to play with it and it is honestly sooo worth it! You get such a crisp image and it connects so easily. It’s definitely a must have!

Brian S.

Easy and Intuitive

We have a 3 week old and the Miku is the only reason why we are comfortable with him sleeping in the crib. From the installation, to the app interface, the Miku is so easy and intuitive. I recommend this product to all expecting parents!