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Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
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Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Miku Smart Baby Monitor

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Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Customer Reviews

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Bryce N.

Best baby monitor on the market!

This monitor and app is intuitive and beautifully designed. The image is sharp and clear, the built in features are smooth and accurate and it provides the peace of mind my wife and I were looking for in a monitor device!

Nate S.

We Love This Monitor

As a first time parent there are many uncertainties you encounter.  The Miku monitor helps give peace of mind by alleviating some of those uncertainties.  Being able to see our baby and his vitals gives us the freedom and security we didn’t have in the first two month of his life. The Miku Monitor has already helped in unspeakable amounts.

Jean N.

A great monitor.

We used to use a baby camera that comes with a monitor and a separate heart rate/oxygen monitor for our son.  Having a baby camera with a separate monitor was a hassle because the battery kept dying and it was an extra thing we had to carry around.  Thanks to Miku, we can consolidate our devices because it is both a monitor and it tracks our son’s vital signs.  The picture and sound quality is really clear.  We do not have to carry a separate monitor since we can view on our cell phone, which is great if one of us is traveling and we can see our son.  The setup instructions were easy to follow.  A couple things that I would like to see with the Miku is a zoom-in feature and ability to pan the camera around the room when it is not mounted.

Scott M.

This monitor is pricey but worth every penny!

Instead of buying multiple cheap monitors, do yourself a favor and make the investment! Biggest selling points are there are no wires or cords or re-charging screens and nothing needs to be hooked up to baby for monitoring. You are able to view the monitor from your phone or tablet so it makes it more accessible. The packaging is beautiful, clean, simple, and chic. Product development really hit the nail on the head with this one. Everything needed to install the monitor is included in its packaging, which is extremely helpful when you have a little one and no time to go searching for tools. Directions are simple and effective. ACCURACY is above par. we even measured the temperature and baby breathing with other devices to compare. Although the monitor can’t be hidden/inconspicuous, it is not an eyesore either; small and sleek design. We love our monitor and can’t say enough positive things about the product itself, the seller, and the design. Technology and creativity have come a long way.


Favorite baby monitor!

I love the miku. I’m a mom of three and with each of my children I wouldn’t sleep very well the first years of their life. I was always so worried about them. Constantly making sure they were breathing, but not anymore! Miku monitors your baby’s breathing without having to put anything on your baby. The app is very easy to use. It also detects the room temperature, humidity, sleep analytics. I’ve never seen such a high tech baby monitor! It was very simple to set up as well! I love the look of it, it looks perfect in my sons room.

Anna verified customer review of Miku Baby Monitor
Whitney J.

The Miku is a must have for every parent.

Sleep time is one of the most stressful things in parenthood. The peace of mind knowing our baby’s vitals are being monitored at all times while she is sleeping is priceless. The website is very informative and easy to navigate. Any questions we had were quickly answered by tech support. Once we ordered, the Miku shipped the same day and arrived the very next. The installation and set up was so easy and user friendly. Every thing needed (including tools) to install the monitor were included in the box. We were up and running in just a few minutes. The app was just the same. Once downloaded, the syncing process was a breeze. You will not find a better product on the market!

Dan S.

The Best

This is the best baby monitoring system on the market. From order to install to monitoring our baby girl, Miku delivers in all facets of their experience. The packaging is incredible, and their step by step instructions for installing the camera are as easy as I’ve ever seen. There is a pre-measured tape included that gives you the perfect height to hang the unit, a detachable level on the base for the camera/monitor so you can ensure it’s installed straight and level, and they even include a screwdriver and extra hardware. The step by step guide in the app is excellent, and the how-to-install video is one of the best I’ve seen. So simple, install only takes about 10 minutes (max). My wife and I appreciate how crystal clear the picture is and like that we can monitor things right on our phones and iPad. The breathing and movement monitors are the best part, and Miku has all of your baby’s analytics right on the app. It’s given my wife and I much more peace of mind knowing Miku is monitoring our little girl. Well worth the price.

Dana V.

Game Changer!

Our Miku has been a game changer! It has provided us so much peace of mind when it comes to our baby. Being able to know he is being monitored and we will be alerted if something seems off is different than anything else you will find! Being able to track our little one and see him when we aren’t with him has been so special. We would recommend this monitor to anyone. The quality of the device, packaging and customer service is second to none.

Joe C.

We absolutely love the miku monitor.

We've tried at least 4 baby monitors now between our 2 kids, and this is by far the easiest to use - and set up.  Set up is probably something that is overlooked frequently, but this monitor was really easy to install.  It comes with a measuring tape and really clear instructions for placement.  It has a clean and sleek look and functions well.  Having the ability to know my son's breaths/heartbeat without a sock or cords under the crib is by far the greatest feature I've seen in a baby monitor.  It also tells you frames per second, temperature, humidity, has a remote music function, tracks sleep patterns with analytics, and has all kinds of alarms.  I've been using it a little over a week now and it's pretty flawless.  It's nice that I can take the 'monitor' with me (my phone) and view my kid taking a nap while I'm at work.  I love this thing and would never go back to an inferior monitor at this point - definitely convinced this is the best baby monitor on the market.

Corey C.

Very Happy!!

My wife and I got our Miku in the mail about a month ago. It is a quality product all around- from the packaging that it arrives in, the easy installation, to the clear picture that comes across my phone and the user friendly features. The sounds the Miku makes to smooth my baby are so unique and effective. The color and picture is clear as well as the night vision. We love all the high-tech features like seeing the breathing and sleep patterns and how you receive notifications if your baby stops moving. We are very happy with the monitor and would definitely recommend it— especially for first time parents like ourselves!

Steve H.

Great product!

We spent hours and hours searching the web for the 'perfect' baby monitor with no clear winner. Ultimately we had a friend recommend MIKU (we hadn't heard of it before), and I wish they would have sooner! The breathing analytics function is amazing and something that we would never be able to do without going forward. The peace of mind we receive from being being able to pull up the app quickly and seeing our little one’s breathing patterns, and getting alerts when baby is moving, is absolutely essential for first time parents. Opening the package, I felt like a kid in 2005 opening my first IPOD. It is beautifully boxed and packaged, with clear and detailed instructions for installation. I think this is a new company/ product, I hope more people get on board because this thing is great. If you are looking for a wifi baby monitor, look no further than MIKU.

Laura K.

This monitor has been great for our family

We have 3 kids and I love the peace of mind I have from knowing that our youngest is safe as he sleeps. The app and the monitor are both very user friendly. We love all the features this monitor has, especially the breathing monitoring without having to put anything on our baby.

Valerie P.

We love our Miku!

Having tried other monitors before Miku, I can honestly say that this baby monitor is so much more than just a baby monitor. The Miku doesn’t just allow you to watch your child and listen for cries from a distance, it will also alert you to things that you may not be able to see such as the baby’s respiration. From the second we opened the box, Miku has been so user friendly, everything you need is included in the box (seriously, everything including a tape measure) and the same goes for the app. They walk you through everything and once it’s all set up, well...get ready for your load to get lighter. Once the set up is complete, Miku offers new parents a sense of ease and lessens the worry of new parents. We love our Miku and will definitely continue using with all of our children.

Amanda P.

The Miku baby monitor is amazing!

First of all, it arrived next day from ordering. This was incredibly important to us since each day without it is a night of not knowing your baby’s health and condition. It was also incredibly easy to set up and even came with the screwdriver and leveler you need to mount it, which was really convenient and unexpectedly nice! Secondly, we love the fact that you get contactless monitoring of your baby’s breathing. We’ve tried other monitors and would often get false alarms or it would fall off from our baby kicking or moving in her sleep and then risk waking up our baby. Not having to worry about that has been very nice. Lastly, I also personally love the built in temperature and humidity reading! We live in MN, and with our harsh extreme climates in the summer and the winter, it’s just nice knowing if we need to bump up the humidifier or thermostat during those extreme months or when the baby has a cold and needs a bit more humidity in her room. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with our purchase and would recommend the Miku monitor to anyone looking for a baby monitor. It has everything you’re looking for and then some!

Marina J.

Great value for the money

This is a gorgeous and high tech baby monitor that gives you both peace of mind in knowing your baby is sleeping restfully (and not getting into trouble!) and gives you health information as well, without the need to wear anything (I try to be conscious of EMFs). It was super simple to install both the hardware and app, and we were up and running within 30 minutes. The app is streamlined and intuitive with breathing, temp, and humidity monitoring. You can see a log of videos and activity of all the above. The best thing about that is that there is no subscription like the other monitor/security camera I had which is $10 a month. Great value for the money, considering how long you can use this!

Arielle D.

Love Miku!

We absolutely love our miku baby monitor. It was easy to set up. It gave my husband and I peace of mind knowing that we can rely on this product!

Reid M.

Great for first-time parents!

Setup was easy and the camera looks sharp, but what we loved most is the in-app experience. The Miku is easy-to-use, the image is crystal clear, and the features are really impressive. The Miku offers "Vital Tracking" of breathing and/or movement patterns, analytics on her sleep routines and behaviors, information on temperature and humidity and even white noise options (Dishwasher, etc.). Plus, Miku accesses the mic on my iPhone so that I can comfort my baby through the phone. This is an innovative, easy-to-use and effective product. We are stressed out, first-time parents and the Miku has given us much-needed peace of mind that our daughter is sleeping safely.

Robert D.

Peace of Mind

I need to preface this with the fact that I never write reviews, but I had to make an exception with the experience my wife and I have had with the Miku.  If you're looking for quality, ease of use, peace of mind, and unmatched functionality, look no further.  This monitor is the Cadillac of monitors.  My wife and I started out going cheap and bought the cheapest one we could find at Target.  After constant struggles with connectivity, pixelated night vision, and ****** sound quality, we decided we needed to invest in something better.  After tons of research, we came across the Miku.  I'll admit the price tag had us a little concerned, but let me tell you, this product is worth every penny and then some.  The biggest concern a parent (especially a new parent) can have when it comes to your infant's sleep is ensuring they’re still breathing.  I know for the first few weeks with our cheap monitor, my wife must've asked 50 times "Is she still breathing??".  The Miku takes that worry away, it's truly remarkable.  The technology in this thing is incredible! Alarms that alert you if the monitor doesn’t sense movement/breathing…unreal PEACE OF MIND. I have no doubt that this thing has saved lives.  It's truly like nothing else out there on the market and I assure you, you won't be disappointed.  Do you and your spouse a favor and pick one of these up and let Miku take the worry out of your baby's sleeping.

Matthew H.

The Miku is an amazing product!

The box it came in was put together very well. Everything was labeled and very easy to identify and install. Love the ease of it being a one person job. The picture quality is amazing, and has tons of options to use and not use. A few things I’d like the Miku company to consider is to include a separate monitor, having it stream on our cellphone and tablets is hard when we are charging our phones at night. The app doesn’t fully operate at full potential on the iPad yet. I also understand that the company is trying to make everything small, compact and look very clean and stylish, but there definitely needs to be an option to have the Miku work online and offline and somehow Bluetooth connection. Just because if the power completely goes out, the Miku seems to be out of options. I could be wrong and maybe a Miku representative could comment and educate me more. Other than everything I have listed above, I’m amazed by the product and respect a company trying to develop a top of the line product that will do everything to help you have the comfort and closure of having eyes, and logs on your little humans and mean the world to us!

Mara O.

Nice job Miku!

I can't say enough positive things about this monitor. The setup process was so simple and seamless. The box included everything you would need to install the monitor, including a tape measure, screwdriver, and a tiny level! I had it out of the box and installed in less than an hour, without the help of my husband. The app is user friendly and walks you through configuration in only a few quick steps. This product is incredibly well made and thought out, I am so impressed with the quality and attention to detail that went into designing this baby monitor. I love the peace of mind I get from being able to see heart rate, room temp as well as a view of my babe at a glance. This will soon be the most popular monitor on the market.